Custom Countertops In Fort Lauderdale

Custom Countertops In Fort Lauderdale

Custom countertops in Fort Lauderdale accent your home and kitchen, creating elegance and updating your home to the modern age. Xtreme Countertops, started in 2003, helps customers achieve their vision for a dream home with an unwavering commitment to form and function.

Why should I upgrade my countertops?

Old counters feel out of date. The older your home is, the poorer the craftsmanship of your countertops. While other parts of your home may be better built, this does not always apply to counters. Most from the 1930s to the 1960s, when the first major housing boom began, are laminated or created from lower-quality materials.

Upgraded counters are built to last. Granite, stone, or marble counters are durable, heavy, and capable of withstanding almost anything. They are also more elegant, combining smooth rock finishes with decadent swirls.

What types of countertops are available?

Multiple different types of material exist to help you reach your vision. Tile counters add a unique touch to almost any home. Concrete will last better than almost any other material.

Whichever type of counter you choose, your counter should fit with your home. Color schemes are the most important consideration. Materials provide texture and quality, offering a unique feel to an already outstanding pattern.

Where can I build a custom countertop?

Custom countertops are a great way to express yourself. When off-the-shelf options fail, most companies are willing to help you create a masterpiece. Get in control of your vision with a fabricator and installer.

Xtreme countertops can bring almost anything to life. Turn your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room into a masterpiece with our accurate cuts.

Certified dealer in Fort Lauderdale

Authorization and certification guarantee the quality of work. There is nothing worse than having to double pay for poor craftsmanship.

As an authorized and certified dealer, suppliers and contractors love to work with us. We are experts in our field and take pride in every piece. We even go the extra mile, performing installation to ensure that work is completed with peace of mind.

Reasonably priced counters

A great look should not come at a high price. Xtreme Countertops strives to provide excellent quality at the lowest possible price. Since we also perform installations, markups are considerably lower.

We work hard to bring the best deals on granite, marble, and other materials. Our experts work on a variety of areas from fireplaces and pool areas to the kitchen.

Custom countertops in Ft Lauderdale

Solid contract work is hard to come by. Poor installation often results in double paying for products and services. The result can turn a masterpiece into a nightmare.

Xtreme Countertops is an authorized and certified fabricator and installer. We back our work to give you peace of mind. Performing the breadth of the work allows us to keep our costs low as well. Granite, marble, concrete, tile, and other materials add an excellent touch to your home.

Get in touch with our team today to improve your pool, barbeque, kitchen, laundry, or bathroom into.

Custom Countertops In Fort Lauderdale

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