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Tackle Challenging Terrain with our Amphibious Excavators

Excavation in a swamp and wetland construction in boggy areas can be difficult due to the terrain, and it is almost impossible to use standard heavy machinery to perform the dredging for your project, you need an amphibious dredge excavator to do the job. Now, you can benefit from a high-quality amphibious excavator manufactured by Wilco MFG. We produce versatile and flexible amphibious equipment like swamp tracks excavator, floating excavator or a floating backhoe and amphibious pontoon that allows you to get to the places you need to be without the challenges. We work with you to determine the right equipment for your needs to facilitate a successful project every time.

Are You Looking for High-Quality Amphibious Equipment?

At Wilco MFG, we make dredging easy. We have created amphibious excavator specially designed for swamp lands and amphibious marsh machinery like factory excavator undercarriage, amphibious undercarriage and  floating amphibious undercarriage that can take you exactly where you need to go with ease. Whether you are on the water or traversing the marsh, the marsh buggy is the perfect tool to get the job done right the first time. Choose an amphibious excavator that caters to your needs, with options from 5 to 95 metric tons available. Lightweight and durable, our amphibious equipment will help you get the project completed easily and on time.

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No matter the terrain you are trying to navigate, Wilco MFG can provide the amphibious equipment that will help you get the work done. Wilco MFG provides outstanding support for all your needs. To find out more about our options, contact our team today at (337) 235-1715.

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