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Get to Where You Need to Go with Personnel Cargo Carriers and Amphibious Equipment

Getting your personnel to where they need to work can be challenging when you work on difficult terrain like wetlands and bogs. At Wilco MFG, we have created an exceptional range of amphibious equipment that can make your work much easier. Built with high-quality workmanship using strong and durable materials, the Marsh Buggy will get you where you need to go. We also offer an outstanding range of accessories and add-ons that makes working on wetlands a breeze.

Take to Water or Marshland with the Marsh Buggy

Whether you are looking for a simple personnel carrier or you require powerful work equipment such as drilling and excavation tools, Wilco MFG has all your needs covered. Our Marsh Buggy is a specialty tool that can withstand any type of terrain, and our Marsh Buggy drills and cutters can help you reach new depths. Our talented team will help you find the right amphibious equipment that creates an easy and seamless way to perform even the toughest tasks on the water.

Learn More About Our Range of Marsh Buggy Excavators Today

At Wilco MFG, we offer an outstanding range of amphibious equipment like the Marsh Buggy to help you tackle tough terrain during your work. Choose from a range of models depending on your specific needs. To discuss your options, contact our team today at (337) 235-1715.

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