Marsh Runner®

The Ultimate Lightweight Amphibious Personnel Carrier

Wilco’s Marsh Runner® line of equipment is the go-to option for all of your pipeline and powerline right-of-way maintenance, vegetation control, personnel transport, fuel transport, cargo transport, etc.  Due to it’s aluminum construction, the Marsh Runner is a lightweight, mobile unit that can be towed with a properly equipped pickup truck.  With multiple attachments offered, we are sure to have the options to suit your application.

Marsh Runner® 74 HP

Marsh Runner® 99 HP

Marsh Runner® 115 HP

Cutter Attachment

Roller Chopper

Anchor Setter

Backhoe Attachment

Deck Railing

Hydraulic Spray Rig

Overhead Basket

Passenger Seating

Trailer 7K Axles

Trailer 8K Axles

Cross Tracker

Lite Tracker

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