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July 26, 2022

What Is A Marsh Buggy, And Where to Get One?

Most wetlands have challenging terrain and harsh climate. Such terrain makes it difficult to
work without specialized equipment. Some areas are inaccessible using standard trucks,
cars, and road-going vehicles. Which makes you wish you find a full tracked swamp buggy for sale fast.

Marsh buggies have sturdy tracked drivetrains, pontoons, and various flotation devices.
These additions make it possible to move and work in wetlands. Their design protects the
machinery against the water, enabling it to operate as amphibious vehicles.

The wide tracks on marsh buggies ensure these vehicles effectively operate and move in the
soft, marshy environment. Originally, marsh buggies were to assist oil companies in
accessing challenging coastal areas.

Currently, they are vital in various processes such as dredging canals and river beds and then
creating new marsh using the sediment.

What Are the Uses of Marsh Buggies?

Marsh buggies are amphibious and can operate in marine and wetland environments. They
come with undercarriages with large-low ground pressure to ensure they float when moving
in the water. With their track chains, they are effective in navigating swamps and challenging
wetland terrain and coastal regions. These marsh or swamp buggy price are also surprisingly affordable.

Standard marsh buggies have a long reach mechanism or attachment. This advantage of a
more extended reach allows them to work in more areas. It’s an additional benefit for
contractors working on dredging and other projects in marshlands.

Marsh buggies can work efficiently on:
 Deep mud
 Sandy areas
 Dryland
 Shallow water
 Areas with shallow mud

Wilco’s Marsh Buggy Dominates Where Standard Excavators Cannot Reach

Our impressive lineup of amphibious marsh buggies has a specific design. The custom make
ensures they can maneuver swampy terrain with soft underfoot, unlike regular excavators.

The amphibious equipment is highly efficient in erosion prevention, control, and dredging
projects. Your team can confidently manage to clear;

  • Lakes and rivers
  • Ponds
  • Waterway shoreline construction and
  • Maintenance processes

Each set of tracks gains power from two hydraulic motors, similar to the four-wheel drive
system. The track chain is a three-rail system supporting the cleats and shoes.
This mechanism ensures a centralized pulling force with an exceptional weight-to-drive ratio
in every track cleat and shoe.

This outstanding marsh buggy comes with a manual expansion system that enables the
pontoons to operate on one foot on every side. The in-and-out movement increases and
reduces the unit’s total footprint.

The high maneuverability is possible because the system consists of high-quality plate steel.
Most steel components have 100,000 psi steel, which ensures tolerance and durability.
The unique design allows easy de-assembly and re-assembly, so you can start working within
a few hours. If your work site is in a remote area, you’ll be glad to note that you can ship all
the components in three containers or on three trucks.

You can handle various projects in the most remote areas, such as:
Right-of-way maintenance
 Pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance
 Dredging for marine construction projects
 Levy construction
 Creating and restoring marshes
 Swamp and land clearance
 Heavy or complex industrial and civil construction
 Transition powerline construction, repair, and maintenance

Why Do you Need a Marsh Buggy

Transporting Workers and Personnel

Marsh buggies have exceptional traction and built-in floatation mechanisms. They are
perfect for efficiently transporting your workforce between waterlogged work sites.
The soft ground in wetlands makes the work process more challenging. Most employers
have first-hand experience with the difficulty of moving people from one area to another.
This challenge often reduces productivity.

Using a marsh buggy in your daily routines eliminates productivity issues, ensuring your
projects remain on track.

Larger marsh buggy models can hold up to 40,000 lbs, with adequate space to carry all other
necessary tools and equipment. With this amphibian vehicle, there are only a few items you
won’t be able to transport.

Marsh buggies have optimum performance in wet, boggy areas, so waterlogged work sites
will no longer be an issue. You can use our marsh buggies to move equipment and personnel
without compromising safety.

Transporting Tools and Supplies

Marsh buggies are capable of transporting heavy equipment to inaccessible work sites. Once
you move the equipment, you won’t have to worry about getting supplies such as hand
tools, fuel, and water to the on-site teams.

These powerful vehicles have various other capabilities such as:
 Tolerating the corrosive effects of salty water
 Floating over mud and on water
 Self-propelling through water and over deep mud
 Using pontoons and tracked drivetrains to operate on wetlands
 Navigating rough terrain
 Traversing over and through mildly dense vegetation

How Is a Marsh Buggy Different from Dry Land Excavation Equipment?

In excavation projects, different types of land require various equipment. With dry land
excavation, standard excavators can handle the job.

However, if the work site is in significantly wet areas such as marsh, you’ll need specialized
equipment from Wilco Manufacturing.

Marsh Buggies Float

Marsh or amphibious buggies have low ground pressure, enabling them to float in
marshlands. This particular benefit makes it possible to push the equipment to your site,
regardless of how challenging the access is.

Standard excavators don’t float, and they are difficult to push.

Standard Excavators Have Limited Access Since They Require the Land to Get Drained Beforehand

The design of marsh buggies enables transporting and excavating temporary loads in

This ability eliminates the need to drain the area before work, minimizing the project costs
and time. It also ensures minimal damage to the surrounding environment and local

Marsh Buggies Can Swiftly Move Through Thick Vegetation in Shallow Areas

The low ground pressure in marsh buggies ensures they can move smoothly across lakes and
rivers even when fully loaded.

It prevents the buggies from getting stuck in vegetation and floating debris. They are ideal
for areas with thick vegetation and shallow waters.

Marsh Buggies at Wilco Manufacturing

Wilco Manufacturing is an industry leader in producing high-grade, reliable amphibious
equipment. Our combined experience empowers us to guarantee products that perform
beyond your expectations.

Our equipment design ensures reliable applications globally, such as:
 Environmental cleanup
 Land reclamation and development
 Storage pit maintenance
 Pipeline construction
 Power line construction
 Dredging
 Reclamation of levee and wetlands

The Marsh Runner

Wilco’s Marsh Runner line of equipment is your ultimate solution for all projects involving:
 Cargo transport
 Fuel transport
 Powerline and Pipeline right-of-way maintenance
 Vegetation control
 Personnel transport, among others

Our marsh runner has lightweight aluminum construction. The mobile unit is easily towable
using a well-equipped pickup truck. We also offer multiple attachments and a wide range of
accessories to suit your project and work style.

Our equipment can reach tight spaces, enabling you to conquer any terrain confidently.
Wilco’s Marsh Runner boasts a variety of horsepower. Other additions include;

  • Anchor setting
  • Deck railing
  • Cutter attachment, and
  • Backhoe attachment

If you need assistance, our team of experts will help you identify the best amphibious
equipment for your project.

Amphibious Excavators

Wilco Manufacturing strives to ensure easy dredging. Our amphibious marsh machinery
transports you to your desired location regardless of terrain.
You can select the most suitable amphibious excavator from various options available,
Mini: 5 – 9 Metric Ton
Small: 10 – 19 Metric Tons
Medium: 20 – 35 Metric Ton
Large: 36 – 95 Metric Tons

Our amphibious equipment is lightweight and highly durable, allowing you to complete your
project on time.

Amphibious Dredge Unit

Our amphibious multipurpose dredge unit has numerous attachments to handle a variety of
tasks in shallow water. The most reliable unit goes up to twelve feet.

The amphibious capabilities allow the unit to move independently without needing a crane.
It comes with stabilizers to ensure steady and precise anchoring and operation.

Amphibious Hydraulic Undercarriages

Our amphibious hydraulic undercarriages consist of high-grade, low alloy A606-4 steel
plates. The high-strength steel has significant corrosion resistance. The resistance capability
is five to eight times more than standard size A36 structural plate steel.

The tensile strength is also 20% higher, and every pontoon comes with five bulkheads. This
ensures six separate reinforced and watertight compartments to handle rough terrain

The various sizes available include:
 4X4X26
 5X5X28
 5X5X30
 5X6X32
 6X6X30
 6X6X32
 6X6X36
 6X7X38

Personnel or Cargo Carriers and Specialty Buggies

At Wilco Manufacturing, we have an outstanding lineup of amphibious equipment that helps
you to simplify your work processes.

We use high-quality, durable materials in the marsh buggy to ensure the equipment
performs effectively. We also provide a wide range of accessories and add-ons that enable
you to work on wetlands efficiently.

Whether you need powerful work equipment such as excavation and drilling tools or a
personnel carrier, we got your back at Wilco MFG.

You can count on our Marsh Buggy specialized tool to conquer any terrain. Our Marsh Buggy
with Cutter is your solution to attaining new depths.

Our experienced experts are ready to assist you with finding the most suitable amphibious
equipment. We offer a seamless experience to help you handle the most challenging tasks
on water.

Cranes and Digger Derricks

Wilco MFG digger derricks are perfect for multitasking as you can use them for the tasks of a
standard boom truck, digging, and lifting.

This versatility enables you to save workforce, time, and costs in your projects. Once the
crew can handle hoisting and dig while maintaining appropriate safety levels on site.
We offer various mounting locations and unit configurations to suit your needs.

You can choose equipment such as:
 Amphibious Dragline
 Amphibious Crane
 Amphibious Digger Derrick
 Amphibious Digger Derrick with Man Lift

H4: Renting or Buying, We Got You Covered.

Our impressive fleet of rental equipment guarantees a suitable unit for your needs. Our
specialty equipment design suits most project types, all built to perfection in our Lafayette,
LA fabrication facility.

Get a free quote today and discover the convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of
your wetland projects.

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