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January 31, 2022

The Most Popular Wilco Marsh Runner Attachments

The use of an amphibious vehicle is a must for many farmers, construction companies, and other businesses that operate outdoors. The Marsh Runner is a popular amphibious vehicle that is extremely versatile and comes with many impressive attachments that you can’t miss out on.

Cutter Attachment

The cutter attachment is a must-have to clear paths through relentless small trees, tall grass, and brush up to 2.5 inches in diameter. This attachment has the capability of covering approximately 3.5 to 4 acres per hour, depending on the specific type of terrain.

The total combined weight of this attachment and the vehicle is approximately 7,500 pounds. The cutter attachment by itself weighs 700 pounds. The overall cutter width is 99.5 inches, with a blade width of 83 inches.

Passenger Seating Insert

If you’re using the Marsh Runner to simply travel through off-road land, then the passenger seating attachment is for you. This offers additional seating capacity for four people. All seats are equipped with OSHA-approved seat belts and can be removed if necessary to create more storage room. You can get your passenger seating attachment from Wilco Manufacturing LLC in Lafayette, LA.

Overhead Basket Attachment

If storage presents a problem, rely on the overhead basket attachment. This has a two-piece design, complete with a front and rear basket. These baskets are perfect for tool and cargo storage. They are easily removable and can be purchased separately. The best part is that your cargo rides on top so that it’s farther away from the tracks and potential mud and debris.

Backhoe Attachment

When it’s time to move some dirt, you can’t go without the backhoe attachment. This is the perfect attachment for small excavation projects. It is super easy to install and has a bucket width of 18 inches. The backhoe attachment’s maximum digging depth is 50 inches, and it has a digging force of 2,599 pounds. You can enjoy a swing arc and bucket rotation of 180 degrees. The total reach from the swing post is 108 inches and this attachment weighs 730 pounds.

Roller Chopper Attachment

When you’re dealing with wet and marshy areas, the roller chopper is the ideal attachment for flattening and chopping grass. It’s commonly utilized to open up overgrown waterfowl habitats, control burns in marshlands and swamps, and chop grass in areas where the cutter isn’t effective. This attachment works best in areas with 1-3 feet of standing water.

The roller chopper attachment has a dry weight of 600 pounds, an overall width of 92 inches, and a chopping width of 82 inches. When filled with water, this attachment will weigh 900 pounds.

Anchor Setter Attachment

The anchor setter attachment offers great drive torque capacity to dig the holes you need quickly. It measures approximately 8 feet from the auger tip to the ground surface when at full extension. The drive torque of this attachment is 6,000 feet per pound. Its drive shaft has a 2-inch hex output drive. The anchor setter attachment weighs approximately 800 lbs.

If you’re interested in any of the Marsh Runner attachments above, contact Wilco Manufacturing LLC in Lafayette, LA today! We take pride in providing high-quality amphibious equipment so contact us online today.

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