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January 10, 2022

All Roads Lead to Wilco


Maybe you’re sick of your equipment getting stuck in the mud while you’re on the way to a job site, or maybe your equipment is too top-heavy to get up and down a steep hill without tipping over? You’re running a tough job, so it only makes sense that you’ll need some tough equipment to back you up.


Introducing: The Marsh Runner

Whatever your current job issues are, Wilco Manufacturing, LLC has the solution. Our number one product, and one of the first products we started renting out short and long-term, is The Marsh Runner.

Wilco’s Marsh Runner is a tracked amphibious vehicle designed to work in Louisiana’s densest marshes, and other wetlands around the world. The Wilco Marsh Runner is designed to go into small spaces and deep into the wetlands—we’re talking about places that are not accessible any other way.

The Marsh Runner is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed with the hardest-to-reach projects in mind. This line of equipment is the go-to option for all your pipeline and powerline right-of-way maintenance, vegetation control, personnel transport, fuel transport, cargo transport, and more!

Due to its aluminum construction, the Marsh Runner is a lightweight, mobile unit that can be towed with a properly equipped pickup truck. With multiple attachments offered, we are sure to have the options to suit your needs and job site.


Marsh Runner Features

Our lightweight and amphibious marsh buggy has: 

Ample Power

We have a few types of Marsh Runner, equipped with a 74 HP Tier IV Kohler Turbodiesel Engine, 99 HP Kubota Turbodiesel Engine, or 115 HP Tier IV Kubota Turbodiesel Engine guaranteed to supply the power you need to get the job done.


It comes with multiple accessories/attachments sure to suit any job or application.

Marine Grade Aluminum Construction

Ensures durability and reliability without added weight.


Marsh Runner Accessories

Depending on the requirements of your job, Wilco Manufacturing, LLC has several Marsh Runner Accessories to fit the bill:

Roller Chopper

Perfect for flattening and chopping grass in wet/marshy areas that a regular mower can’t get through. It can be used for opening up overgrown waterfowl habitat, creating wet lines for controlled burns in marshes/swamps, or simply laying and chopping grass where our regular cutter can’t be used.

Anchor Setter

Features 6,000 ft/lbs of drive torque and a 2” hex output drive shaft.

Backhoe Attachment

Perfect attachment for small excavation projects. It’s also easy to install and remove from the Marsh Runner.

Deck Railing

These railings are 38” in height, and span from the engine hood to the rear of the machine and on the passenger sides. It is removable. Comes with an optional access ladder on the driver or passenger side for accessibility.

Hydraulic Spray Rig

Comes with a 100-gallon tank constructed of marine-grade aluminum, powered by the MR200’s auxiliary hydraulic circuit. This spray rig sits on the cargo bed, allowing for deck inserts to be installed for a flat spraying deck.

Cutter Attachment

The go-to grass cutter, perfect for flattening and chopping in wet/marshy areas. Used in areas where the roller chopper is not needed.

Overhead Basket

This two-piece design (front & rear) sits on top of the Marsh Runner and is perfect for tool/cargo storage.

Passenger Seating

Comfortably seats up to four passengers and are equipped with OSHA-approved seatbelts. Perfect for getting your crew to your hard-to-reach job site.

Interested in purchasing or renting the Marsh Runner for your next job? Contact us at (337) 235-1715 or email us at [email protected].

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