Amphibious Equipment Rental

    Renting amphibious equipment is an excellent solution for temporarily replacing equipment, balancing an unexpected demand, and adjusting to seasonal needs. At Wilco Manufacturing, LLC, we provide short- and long-term rental services.

    On this page, you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about amphibious equipment rental services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, call us at 337-235-1715 or our toll-free line at 1-800-253-0869.

    What does your typical equipment rental process look like?

    We recommend calling us to make a reservation for the amphibious equipment you want. Just give your name, phone number, location, and when you want to pick it up or when you want to have it delivered to you. A signed rental agreement is needed upon delivery.

    Can you deliver rental equipment?

    Yes! We offer delivery services for an extra fee. The cost depends on the amphibious equipment rented and how far we have to go. Simply let our customer care representative know that you want our rental equipment delivered to your worksite when you make your reservation.

    What if the amphibious equipment breaks down?

    We will work with you to make it right in case of an equipment breakdown. We will do everything in our power to repair or replace the amphibious equipment as soon as possible.

    Are there any hidden or extra charges?

    There are no extra charges or hidden fees. The only time price will change from what you were quoted is when you damaged the amphibious equipment or when the equipment is not returned as at when due.

    What if I damage the amphibious equipment?

    We know accidents happen. If the equipment repair is out of our power, we may ask you to pay for the repairs. Our representative will work with you to solve the problem.

    What are my responsibilities when I rent amphibious equipment?

    You are responsible for providing an operator for the amphibious equipment. Rental equipment will be picked up cleaned and must be delivered clean, and you will need to clean the equipment to avoid a cleaning charge.

    Do you require a deposit?

    We require you to deposit before the day of rental, and your payment is due the day you pick up our amphibious equipment or deliver it.

    What If I need to keep the amphibious rental equipment Longer?

    Let us know if you need to extend your rental period. We will include the extra time and fees in your contract.

    Do you have an equipment maintenance record?

    Yes, we do. We take care of the amphibious equipment we rent and service our equipment when we get them back from a client. The amphibious equipment we rent is full of different parts, so we go beyond and above to keep it in good working order. We also keep careful records for you.

    How much does your amphibious rental equipment cost?

    You need to call us to get a general sense of the cost of renting amphibious equipment from us.

    Amphibious Equipment Rental

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