Amphibious Excavator

Wilco Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company located in Lafayette, Los Angeles that prides itself on producing high quality amphibious equipment. With over 100 years of combined experience, offering reliable machinery to all of our customers and stakeholders.

Wilco’s amphibious equipment design has proven its reliability in many applications around the world. Our equipment has been used in pipeline construction, land reclamation and development, dredging, environmental cleanup, dyke and wet land reclamation, power line construction, storage well maintenance and any other job requiring amphibious equipment.

One of Wilco’s specialties is the manufacture and rental of amphibious excavators. Offering diverse equipment for all types of specialized work in wetlands, drains, marshes, lakes, etc.

In our article we will describe the various types of amphibious excavators we offer for sale and rental. We also have spare parts for sale and specialized mechanics for your amphibious excavators.

Types of amphibious excavators

The amphibious excavator is one of our specialized machines along with the other machinery we offer for sale and rental.

Mini amphibious excavators: this equipment has a weight of 5 to 9 tons. It is a functional equipment for small jobs and can be accommodated in small spaces.

Small amphibious excavator: it has a weight of 10 to 19 tons. This equipment can be used for larger jobs. However, it cannot be submerged in such deep water spaces.

Medium amphibious excavator: the equipment has a weight of 20 to 35 tons. It can be submerged in rivers, lakes or the sea. It is for housing in larger spaces. It is one of our most purchased and used equipment by companies specialized in the area.

Large amphibious excavator: it has a weight of 36 to 39 metric tons. It is our largest and widely functional equipment for all types of works in both aquatic and terrestrial surfaces.

We invite you to visit our website ( where you can view the various models we have described.

Services we offer

Rental and manufacture of amphibious excavators. We guarantee quality equipment and maintenance service to your machines if you are on the road or in your work area.

On the other hand, if you want to restore your machinery we also have at your disposal our workshops to bring back to life your malfunctioning equipment, guaranteeing years of usefulness.

Contact us and get a free quote to buy or rent your amphibious excavator.

Why we are the best choice

At Wilco Manufacturing LLC we can proudly say that we provide the best and highest quality amphibious equipment in the industry, offering everything from new equipment to rental equipment.

Our number one priority is service to our customers. Between our full stock of spare parts and quick response time, we can guarantee minimal downtime on your equipment at all times.

If you are interested in our services, you can stop by our headquarters located at 111 Marsh Buggy Road – Lafayette, LA 70508. You can also call our hotline at (337) 235-1715 or get a free quote through our website at

Amphibious Excavator

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